Barcelona Music Lab Foundation Releases New Guidelines for the 2023 Project Call

Barcelona Music Lab Foundation Releases New Guidelines for the 2023 Project Call

The Barcelona Music Lab Foundation (BMLab) has announced the publication of guidelines for a future project call with the aim of promoting innovation, sustainability, and digital transformation in the music industry. BMLab’s mission is to explore and understand the future of music in the digital society and is supported by a legal provision that recognizes its exceptional public interest.

Key Highlights of the Guidelines:

Musical Innovation in the Digital Age: BMLab, a foundation dedicated to the study of music in the digital society, has published guidelines for projects that seek to revolutionize the music industry.

Scope of the Projects: The guidelines focus on financing innovative projects that promote sustainability and digital transformation in music. Projects can be either new creations or the expansion of existing initiatives, with a special focus on innovation.

Eligibility: The guidelines are aimed at individuals and entities based in Spain, especially in Catalonia, whose projects are related to music and innovation. All interested parties who believe their proposals align with BMLab’s mission are encouraged to participate in the upcoming call.

Documentation and Deadlines: To participate in the call, you will need to submit an email application with the required documentation before de 3er of november 2023.

Evaluation Criteria: Projects will be assessed based on their alignment with BMLab’s objectives, their strength, the experience of participants, collaboration, innovation, and their potential economic and social impact.

Evaluation and Resolution Process: Project evaluations will be conducted by a technical committee, while the Evaluation Commission will make quarterly decisions. The commission’s resolutions will be final.

Signing Agreements: Beneficiaries of selected projects will sign agreements with BMLab that define the terms of collaboration. The project’s execution is planned between 2022 and 2024.

Funding Justification: Beneficiaries will provide reports detailing the use of funds and how project objectives have been met.

Transparency and Acknowledgment: BMLab will publish the list of selected projects and their beneficiaries on its website. Beneficiaries will be required to acknowledge BMLab’s collaboration in project execution.

Confidentiality and Data Protection: The submitted documentation will be treated with confidentiality and in compliance with current data protection regulations.

For additional information and to participate in the upcoming call, interested parties can contact the Barcelona Music Lab Foundation via email at fundació

Download the full text of the call guidelines and the budget template to learn all the details and requirements. The future of music is just one project away.