Vytal and Abono KM0 Companies, Winners of the Second Edition of the Sustainable Challenge

Vytal and Abono KM0 Companies, Winners of the Second Edition of the Sustainable Challenge

The second edition of the Sustainable Challenge has concluded, marking another successful year in promoting sustainability at musical events. The startups Vytal and Abono KM0 have been selected to implement pilot projects in collaboration with Barcelona Music Lab and Festival Cruïlla.

Description of the Winning Companies:

Vytal is a startup specializing in sustainable packaging solutions. Their proposal focuses on developing and using recyclable and reusable materials for packaging, aiming to reduce the environmental impact associated with packaging waste at large events. Their innovation lies in creating containers that are not only eco-friendly but also practical and efficient for both users and event organizers.

Abono KM0 is dedicated to the sustainable management of organic waste. Their initiative focuses on transforming organic waste from music festivals into high-quality compost, which can then be used in local agriculture or urban gardening projects. This company combines waste management with the promotion of the circular economy, thereby contributing to the reduction of the environmental impact of musical events.

This initiative, organized by the Barcelona Music Lab Foundation in collaboration with Festival Cruïlla, Damm, the Catalan Waste Agency, and the Ship2B Foundation, has brought together seven startups: Vytal, Again, Yeasty, And-less, Bin-e, Retornadoo, and Abono KM0. These companies participated in Startup Week, an event that included workshops and mentoring sessions to promote co-creation and mutual learning.

During Startup Week, the startups worked with industry experts to develop innovative solutions in waste management and sustainability at music festivals. The selection of Vytal and Abono KM0 to carry out pilot projects represents a recognition of their innovative potential and their contribution to sustainability.

The Sustainable Challenge has proven to be an effective platform for collaboration among startups, companies, and organizations in the music sector, with the goal of finding sustainable solutions to current challenges. This initiative highlights the importance of cross-sector collaboration to address sustainability challenges.

We thank all the participating startups, as well as Damm, the Catalan Waste Agency, the Ship2B Foundation, and all the collaborators for their contribution to this project. The Sustainable Challenge continues to be an example of how innovation and collaboration can lead to a more sustainable future.

For more information about this project, visit the website of the Barcelona Music Lab Foundation and follow updates on social media.