The Barcelona Music Lab Foundation Will Fund Four Innovative Projects in the 2023 Call

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The Barcelona Music Lab Foundation Will Fund Four Innovative Projects in the 2023 Call

Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, and immersive sound are the focuses of the selected projects. The chosen projects will receive between €3,000 and €368,000. In all cases, 100% of the requested budget will be covered.


The projects 3D Mutations, Sustainable Challenge, Artificia 2023, and Cultural Coupons for Mass Consumption, have been the proposals selected by the Barcelona Music Lab Foundation in its 2023 project call, after the meeting held by the evaluation committee of the call on November 20.

3D Mutations proposes an unparalleled 3D audio format that will transform the way we experience sound. Using cutting-edge technology and an innovative artistic approach, the proposal creates three-dimensional soundscapes that captivate the senses and elevate audiovisual experiences to new heights. The proposal provides a unique sonic journey that leaves a lasting impression on each listener.

Sustainable Challenge is an open innovation project seeking Startups working to solve environmental problems and help achieve new challenges and solutions in sustainability for festivals and large events. Sustainable Challenge seeks solutions and trends aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and waste generation at festivals and events, contributing to the transition towards a more circular industry through innovation.

Artificia is a promotion and dissemination platform for Artificial Intelligence applied to the arts where conferences, talks, videos, and presentations of different projects and activities related to the use of AI in the arts can be found. In addition, ARTIFICIA promotes various activities and events, whether in-person or virtual, to attract the interest of audiences and position AI as a technological tool for making art.

Cultural Coupons in Mass Consumption Products aims to transform mass consumption products into channels for promoting and consuming culture through their packaging, and to establish a direct relationship between producer and consumer through this channel. Through the incorporation of QR codes on packaging, this project seeks to establish a unique connection between the mass consumption industry, the cultural world, and consumers. This initiative promotes the relationship between consumers, brands, and promoters of cultural events. This not only enriches the cultural life of consumers but also creates collaboration and promotion opportunities for brands and cultural promoters.

About the 2023 Project Call

These four proposals are the result of the 2023 project call driven by the Barcelona Music Lab Foundation. In this edition, up to nine projects were received proposing different ways to innovate from sustainability or technology, to transform the music industry. Both the projects that were not selected in this call, and other proposals will be able to be presented in the next calls that the foundation will carry forward during 2024.

About the Barcelona Music Lab

The Barcelona Music Lab Foundation was established to explore the future of music and to research, understand, and develop its industry in the new digital society, with Barcelona as a new reference in this field. To this end, it promotes projects that meet these objectives through support calls, meeting and networking spaces between creators and companies, or tools to foster the creation of companies or job opportunities.

The promoters of the Barcelona Music Lab are Jordi Herreruela (Cruïlla Festival), Genís Roca (PuntCat Foundation), Josep Maria Martorell (Barcelona Supercomputing Center), and Enric Jové (McCann).”