Barcelona Music Lab Foundation, Apecat, and the ICEC organize several meetings to address innovation in the field of music.

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Barcelona Music Lab Foundation, Apecat, and the ICEC organize several meetings to address innovation in the field of music.

Barcelona Music Lab Foundation, the Catalan Association of Phonographic and Videographic Producers and Editors (APECAT), and the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies (ICEC) launch “Music Talks”, an innovative series of meetings focused on discussing innovation in the field of music. These sessions aim to offer renewed perspectives on crucial aspects that will influence the music sector’s trends in the future.

Debates will revolve around topics such as data analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI), augmented reality environments, gender equality, and environmental sustainability, among others, standing out as key challenges for the contemporary music industry. To address these topics, conversations are organized between experts from various disciplines, thus creating a meeting space for professionals from the music sector and related fields. In this context, prominent figures from the Catalan music industry will propose topics of interest, which will be debated with the collaboration of internationally renowned specialists.

The goals of these meetings include promoting dialogue and professional exchange (networking), stimulating reflection and innovation within the sector, strengthening professional skills, and increasing understanding of emerging technologies such as AI, NFT, blockchain, and immersive realities.

The first “Music Talks” session will be on February 21st at 17:30, featuring a dialogue on the interaction between artificial intelligence and music, led by Xavier Serra, founder and director of the Music Technology Group (MTG) at the UPF, along with Elio Quinton, a recognized scientist, engineer, and consultant specializing in AI.

Registrations can be made through the website of the Business Development Service of the ICEC.

Current impact and future possibilities of AI in the music industry

21-02-2024. 17:30h-19:30 hours

Mallorca Street, 275.
Barcelona 08008.

About the guests

Xavier Serra

Professor at the Pompeu Fabra University and Director of the Music Technology Group (MTG). After a multidisciplinary academic training, he obtained his Ph.D. from Stanford University, USA. His research interests include the analysis, description, and computational synthesis of sound and music, with a balance between basic and applied research and a perspective that encompasses both scientific/technological and humanistic/artistic disciplines. Currently, these research efforts focus on the development of Artificial Intelligence methodologies applicable to the entire music value chain, from its creation and production to its distribution and reception. Dr. Serra is internationally recognized as one of the leading researchers in the field of Music Technology.

Elio Quinton

Scientist, engineer, and leader with experience in artificial intelligence (AI), software engineering, digital audio signal processing, music, music technology, and the music industry. He is currently the Vice President of Artificial Intelligence at Universal Music Group (UMG), where he leads in strategy, technology, and science. He founded and directed UMG’s Music & Audio Machine Learning Lab (MAML), the recorded music industry’s first R&D group on machine learning. The MAML develops cutting-edge technology to support artists and empower them worldwide. Trained as a scientist, engineer, and musician, Elio holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning and Digital Audio Signal Processing from the Center for Digital Music, a world leader in the field; a master’s in Physics; a master’s in Music Technology, and a degree in Commercial Music Performance from BIMM London.