A recycled plastic sculpture, both visual and sonorous, will represent Barcelona Music Lab at the Mobile World Congress

A recycled plastic sculpture, both visual and sonorous, will represent Barcelona Music Lab at the Mobile World Congress

The Barcelona Music Lab Foundation (BML) announces its participation in this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC), a global platform for innovation and technology.

During the MWC, BML will present a unique artistic and visual installation, created in collaboration with Domestic Data Streamers. This piece, made from recycled materials such as PET plastic bottles, aims to tangibly represent the breadth and diversity of the Catalan musical ecosystem, as well as the Foundation’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. The installation, combining technology, art, and data, will offer visitors an immersive experience, revealing the connections and synergy between the different industry players.

Furthermore, BML’s presence at the MWC will serve as a platform to announce the launch of an ambitious startup acceleration program, conducted in collaboration with renowned entities such as Plug and Play, Sónar, and Tech Barcelona. This initiative aims to support emerging companies that develop innovative solutions around music and technology, reinforcing Barcelona’s position as a capital of musical innovation.

BML’s participation in the MWC is a unique opportunity to reaffirm the Foundation’s commitment to promoting music as a key element of culture and technological innovation. With a schedule full of activities, from the presentation of the artistic piece to announcements of new initiatives and programs, BML hopes to inspire and connect with a global audience, showcasing the power of music to unite technology, creativity, and sustainability.

With over 3,571 companies dedicated to music in Catalonia, BML positions itself as a vital connector among the different industry stakeholders: from creators and artists to technological companies and academic institutions. Leveraging the global stage offered by the MWC, the Foundation aims to highlight the importance of music as a driver of innovation and its impact on the current digital and economic society.

BCN Music Lab. Connecting the music industries

from 11:00 to 11:30

Miquel Curanta, BCN Music

Lab Marta Handenawer, Domestic Data Streamers


DJ Sessions at Beat Barcelona

“To complement our presence at the MWC, we are honored to have the participation of renowned DJs such as Dirty Larita, DJ Amable, and PhunMusic. Each will offer us a unique musical experience, highlighting the diversity and richness of the current musical scene. Through their sessions, we will celebrate music’s ability to unite people, transcend borders, and inspire innovation.”