Registration Open for the Second Music Talks Session, Focusing on Technology Serving the Economy of Creators

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Registration Open for the Second Music Talks Session, Focusing on Technology Serving the Economy of Creators

The Barcelona Music Lab Foundation, the Catalan Association of Phonographic and Videographic Producers and Publishers (APECAT), and the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) are launching the second “Music Talks”, a series of meetings focused on discussions about innovation in the music sector. These sessions aim to offer renewed perspectives on crucial aspects that will influence the future trends of the music industry.

This time, the event will feature the participation of Scott Cohen, a prominent entrepreneur in the music sector and a key figure in the application of technological innovation to the industry. Cohen will share his perspective and experience in applying new technologies to improve the rights and benefits of music creators.

Arnau Sabaté, co-founder of Guzzu, will converse with Scott Cohen, an entrepreneur and executive in the music industry. Founder of The Orchard and former chief innovation officer of Warner Music Group, among others, he is one of the most influential music businessmen in recent years. His commitment to technology and innovation and his experience in implementing it in favor of creators will allow the conversation with him to help us understand what challenges this industry faces for the coming years. How can blockchain technology change the royalties landscape, and how can music become an asset to invest in, like stocks? Last year, Cohen founded JKBX, an innovative company that allows fans to invest in songs from their favorite artists. He will help us understand new trends in the music industry sector for the coming years.

In addition, the event will provide a question-and-answer session, allowing attendees to interact directly with the speakers. It will conclude with a networking session, facilitating an environment conducive to the exchange of ideas and the formation of collaborations among industry professionals.

With a limited capacity of 150 seats, interested parties are recommended to register in advance to ensure their participation. The Music Talks session represents an exceptional opportunity for music professionals and enthusiasts to explore the future of the industry from a technological and financial perspective.

The objectives of these meetings include promoting dialogue and professional exchange (networking), stimulating reflection and innovation within the sector, strengthening professional skills, and increasing understanding of emerging technologies such as AI, NFTs, blockchain, and immersive realities.

Registrations can be made through the website of the Business Development Service, ICEC.


27-03-2024. 18:30h-20:00 hours


Aclam | Club C/ del Consell de Cent, 201, local. Barcelona 08011.


18.30 – 18.40h. Welcome

18.40 – 19.30h. Arnau Sabaté and Scott Cohen in conversation

19.30 – 19.45h. Q&A

19.45 – 20.00h. Networking

About the Guests

Arnau Sabaté

Co-founder of Guzzu, a Web3 music community for fans, artists, and curators built around timelines. It is a platform that, through blockchain technology and NFTs, allows the creation of personalized timelines of musical history moments, building stories and communities through the creation of iconic merchandising pieces from the past, present, and future.

He has an extensive journey in the music industry, from content programming to marketing consultancy and brand development. His experience stands out as a booking agent and curator of the artistic direction of musical projects for other cultural entities. Previously, he has worked, among others, for Primavera Sound, Discogs, Vampire, and Jägermusic Spain.

Scott Cohen

He is one of the pioneers of the music industry and in the late 90s co-founded The Orchard, the first global digital music distributor. Now owned by Sony, The Orchard provided independent artists and record labels with a platform to sell their music to a more mainstream audience, and since then, he has led the company’s growth with 45 offices worldwide. Cohen retired from The Orchard in 2019 and joined Warner Music Group as Chief Innovation Officer, a role specifically created to suit his experience. He joined JKBX in 2022 as CEO and investor.