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Barcelona Music Lab Pitching session at MMVV 2024

The call for startups is open: emerging talents from the world of creativity, research and technology in the musical ecosystem.

The Call


The Barcelona Music Lab Foundation gives startups linked to the music industry the opportunity to present their innovative projects at the MMVV Pro Catalan Arts!, the professional fair of the Mercat de Música Viva in Vic.


If you are a startup or creative company, design studio, university, research center or another entity linked to the music industry and you have a disruptive project, this is your opportunity.


Submit your candidacy until July 21, 2024 and, if you are one of the 10 chosen, you will participate in this session at the MMV Pro Catalan Arts!, within the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, next Thursday, September 19, 2024.


Promote your project in front of an audience made up of professionals from the music industry that will allow you to create new links and open business opportunities.


The call is open to startups, creative technology companies, design studios, universities, research centers, and other entities interested in participating in the event.

A pitching is a brief and persuasive presentation of an idea, project, or product aimed at a specific audience with the goal of capturing their interest and obtaining support, funding, or collaboration. In the context of events like the “Barcelona Music Lab Pitching Session at MMVV 2024,” companies have a few minutes to present their proposal clearly and concisely, highlighting the most relevant and attractive aspects for the audience, which in this case consists of professionals from the music industry

Projects focused on the music industry, related to music, creative technology, artificial intelligence, experimental games, alternative realities, and blockchain experiments, among others, will be considered.

Presenting your project at the Pitching Session provides the opportunity to showcase it to a diverse and engaged audience and to network with other professionals in the sector.

The selected projects will be showcased at the Pitching Session on Thursday, September 19, 2024, at Espai Atlàntida as part of the MMVV Pro Catalan Arts! at the 36th edition of the Vic Live Music Market.

Participation in the Pitching Session is free and does not entitle participants to any remuneration or benefits if selected to present their projects. Barcelona Music Lab will provide the necessary audiovisual equipment for the presentation and a complete recording of the session, which will be broadcast through the Foundation’s own channels (website, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram).

To submit your application, complete the form available on our website by the deadline July, 21.

For inquiries or issues related to the Pitching Session, you can contact Barcelona Music Lab via email at


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